Send direct WhatsApp message without saving number

Keep your contacts clean and send direct Whatsapp messages in just 1 click with this free WhatsApp direct message sender.  

No login. No Registration. No Payment.

Too many contacts in your phonebook just for one-time WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp require you to save the number first to send message, cluttering your contact list and complicating a simple task. This free tool solves this by offering a quick, seamless way to message send direct WhatsApp message, instantly, without the need to save their number.

Why you need WhatsApp Direct?

Instant Conversation

Instantly start the conversation without the hustle of saving contacts.

Easy to Use

Start the conversation with just the phone number. Name is not required.

Clean Phonebook

Keep your contact list free of irrelevant contacts with WhatsApp Direct.

Works on Android, iOS and Web

Use this WhatsApp Direct tool on any device. Anywhere. Free Forever.

How to send direct WhatsApp?

Just type in the phone number and hit the "Send Message" button to initiate the process. As simple as that!!

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp direct is a free service that allows you to send instant message to anyone on WhatsApp without saving contact.

No installation is required. WhatsApp Direct works seamlessly through your web browser or mobile device.

Absolutely. Your messages are as secure as using WhatsApp normally. We respect your privacy and security.

Yes, you can message international numbers. Just ensure you include the correct country code.

There is no limit from our side. You can send as many messages as you like, subject to WhatsApp's own usage policies.

No, we do not store any personal information or phone numbers. Your privacy is our top priority.

We also offer a WhatsApp Link generator that allows you to create custom chat links for your brand.